Word of the Day – An Essential Tool for Building Your Vocabulary

By | October 12, 2011

Word of the DayRepetition is the key to vocabulary building and everyday usage of educated vocabulary words. Subscribing to a word of the day service will ensure that you not only obtain, but also retain a verbal advantage in your career and life. Learning one word a day is incredibly easy. Simply commit to opening up the word of the day email every morning. Spend 60 seconds to learn the word and think of how you can use it in your communication sometime throughout the day.

Even if you already know the meaning of the word of the day, don’t disregard it! A person is much more likely to use a word that he/she has recently heard or read. Repetition is not just important for learning the definition of a word. It is also important as it pertains to using the word in your daily communication.

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