Word of the Day: Are You Indisposed To Use Indisposed?

By | November 21, 2011

Word of the day: IndisposedIf the title of this article doesn’t make sense to you, then you can learn something from today’s blog post. Indisposed is a word that many people believe means, “busy” or “unable” to do something. For example, “I wasn’t able to answer my phone because I was indisposed at the time.” This is an incorrect assumption of the meaning of indisposed. Indisposed actually has two very different meanings. The first meaning is sick or ill, especially slightly.

The second and lesser known meaning is disinclined or unwilling; averse or reluctant. The title of this blog article is an example of using indisposed with this intended meaning. Anything that you are reluctant, disinclined, or unwilling to do is something you are indisposed to do. Now that you have a more correct and profound understanding the two meanings of this great word, you can use it to embellish you speech more often and more effectively.  Try using it at least a day or two this week!

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