Which Word of the Day Email Service Should I Use?

By | September 18, 2011

word of the day vocabulary verbal advantageIt is a futile pursuit to learn, and subsequently forget, every word in the dictionary. Your time is much better used learning a few hundred highly educated, practical vocabulary words and repeatedly exposing yourself to them to ensure that they are being put to use in your everyday communication. Repetition is the key! Overnight Vocabulary Word of the Day has selected 365 “must know” and “must use” words that will ensure your speech is embellished with highly educated words that are practical in everyday conversations. Every year the same words will cycle through, exposing you to the same “must know” words you learned the year before. I assure you that if you simply learned and regularly used even half of these 365 words you would be perceived by friends, coworkers and family as someone with a very sophisticated vocabulary. Don’t believe me? Sign up for the Overnight Vocabulary word of the day and you’ll soon see!

Sign up for the Overnight Vocabulary Word of the Day here! www.overnightvocabulary.com/word.php

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